Watch “JUST IN: Senate Republicans Lace Into Biden IRS Monitoring Proposal” on YouTube

https://qwiqsilver.ca/2021/10/24/watch-just-in-senate-republicans-lace-into-biden-irs-monitoring-proposal-on-youtube/if dot.guV told you that in order to ease your burden as a – “below the poverty line and/or middle class human being..” [they] would need access to all banking and financial and transactional data pertaining to each and every being on this planet in order to “GET THE RICH TO PAY TAXES” ? ? And to do so, in order to protect us, [they] will need for us not to whine because to catch these evil tax evaders who are the cause of all our poverty and struggles they will obviously need to fine tune to the degree of knowing every, EVERY, single transaction of every being everywhere always so [they] can make sure the RICH are paying their taxes and that might lower our tax burden and cost of living and raise us, like a Phoenix out of poverty. But that requires BIG DATA ..so [we] are going to have to “chip” you..so that you become your own ATM machine card ..replete with all the data of all debits and credits to your ..person.. right down to the fact that you bought rolling papers, condoms, and some diapers and baby food for your latest transaction at the store .. hmmm .. do you think that the algorithms that are able to pick us off and shut down our sites for speaking and sharing the truth on the algorithms based on singular red flagged words (Trump, constition, border, illegals, rally, adrenchrome, pedophilia, corruption, deep state, Kabal,..on and on .. ) So..when or after [they] complete [their] human computer chipping agenda .. and [they] now have [their] algorithms set up for ..you = citizen.data.bot and it picks up your transaction for “rolling papers=dope” plus ” condoms = nefarious sexual activity” plus “diapers and baby food=you have a child” .. So what do you think the next attack on you is going to be when those algorithms spit out the consilidated info of your transactions to date to the appropriate govern-mental department ?? .. my guess would be that the Child Protective Services (CPS) are the first to knock ..then the police ..for 1)drugs and .. 2)”potential” sexual misconduct .. and what are you going to say when [they] show the print out of that transaction micro-chip traced right back to the chip that you let [them] implant into your physical body .. hmmm .. sure can’t say “it wasn’t me!”
So WE need to hand over what are the last vestiges of our human rights ….9.1.1.took care of a lot of them so that [they] could keep us safe from “terrorists”…how’s that woorkin’ fur yaa ???…
Query: Do You Not See The Modus Operendi?