Teeter – Totter Shit’er – Shot’er

•July 23, 2021

••On the Twenty-Third day ~ In the Seventh month ~ in the year of our Lord .. Twenty and Twenty-One

•••23-07-2021 ~ Seventeen ~ 17

Those who chose to listen to the likes of CNN, WallSt.Journal,ABC,NBC,TVA,RadioCanada, [MSM:MainStreamMedia]..

though I’m sure you were not lacking in advice from those only trying to warn you, cared enough to give you a heads up.
And those who chose to listen to the ones who have and still do, repeatedly lie to you, break every promise, never fulfill anything they say they are going to do unless it benefits them and always in mega-mutiple ways.
Motto: don’t waste a good con job..milk it to death .. which is legally-literal in the case of the pandemic LIE in order to give .. force tests and vaccines ..
.. which were developed back in 2005, I believe – but at least [they] plan ahead and apparently have a clairvoyant sitting on the board.
.. But feeling a bit rushed with President Trump gnawing at [their] ankles and peeing in their walking shoes .. decided to push it and go ahead with a procedure which HAD & HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED .. LOOK IT UP!
NOT with [fact checkers or snopes]!! ..  LOOK IT UP ON •PubMed.gov,
•on the FDA’s own website,

•even the CDC had to ADMIT to the FACT that it must be: 

a)Classified as a:
•If a) is True, then:
b) Classification is thereby Automatic and Lawful under The Nuremberg Code shall be Classified as a: 
NO Force, Fraud, Deceit, Duress, Overreaching .. ANY Form of COERCION .. IS a VIOLATION of THE NUREMBERG CODE.
~ And EACH INDIVIDUAL IS RESPONSIBLE who took part in ANY MANNER in ANY CAPACITY  in the EXPERIMENT which is NOT APPROVED and NOT INFORMED and were aware in ANY WAY of these facts ..  yet did perform acts that would aid in the COERCION of the Subjects .. IN ANY WAY!
You will NOT be allowed to say you were just following orders ..
You will NOT be allowed to say you didn’t know .. if there be one iota of information that proves you did or that it is highly unlikely that you could NOT have been AWARE to some degree …
Find a  scientific journal You TRUST .. AND is VERIFIABLE! 
And which is NOT owned and/or operated by non-scientists such as [billy gates and his wife] or the [Clinton Foundation] or [Big Pharma~Big Tech]  the [U.N.] controlled [W.H.O] .. All snuggling up ever and ever the more snuggly in bed together – it has even been heard tell that they will often do fivesies with their closest ‘special’ friends and families and throw ‘special’ pyjama parties and they will invite the ‘specialties’ of high society’ sssh! it’s secret! they’ll invite the buckingham crowd, and the vacantican, and the Shylock families .. the money-lenders .. and the Opulent Elite, movers and shakers of Hollywood and the Music Scene, Academia and the Scientific Communities,  Publishers and Authors, Producers and Media,      ••Dear Me, Oh my! to be a fly on that pile of … elite.
.. and I do believe that that is far beyond a mere ‘fivesie’ .. What would you call it??
.. No Matter, I myself would not trust a single one in the lot .. they are a smarmy group ..
egocentric, narcissistic, dark souled .. not a hint of compassion and would out and out lie, even to one another, much as it were that they actually believed their own lies .. and conveniantly take their lies and being too intellectually lazy to make-up lies to blame and frame on others .. they just use their own evil doings already done and recycle them to undercut another, which is why they can spread the vicious rumor so confidently and convincingly detailed .. as though they have inside knowledge ..
PSYCHOPATHIC if you ask me.
How come people like that occupy all the highest positions in this world.
Why can’t we just have sometimes someone who is not interested in role playing and pyjama parties .. and truly wants to get to know his neighbors, and has no time for pyjama parties and smear campaigning. Who hones in on realities and how to make things always, always, better? and for EVERYONE WORLDWIDE!
Oh yeah .. that’s right, we did have one. But most were too busy trying to snuggle into the Pyjama peoples gang .. because that was all they knew and that was all that they had been taught ..
and the pyjama people, knowing this (they were after all the teachers) viciously smear campaigned him in their flawless fashion .. and the people wanting to be like them and being unaware of the extent of their manipulative  skills and unaware of their true lifestyle having never been a part of it … were convinced by the convincers and believed what was lied to them, and began to hate the Other with a vengeance as vengeful as the pyjama people taught them to to believe.
And they turned to stone as to even listen to another truth .. even as it made for far greater common sense. Blind in the Dark.
But Time, as with Light, has a way of slipping throught the smallest crack and finding its’s way in and all the while ever expanding those cracks .. until Time begets Objectivity and Light begets Clarity ..
And who knows .. given enough of each .. One Day they might actually SEE the Other and Find Pleasure in Helping Him in his Toils.
Fork the Fork’n pyjama people. ha

Published by qwiqsilver.ca

I would like to create a space where people can explore all the brand new opportunities that will be opening up to us once we regain our proper status in this world...and begin to realize that we haven't been living as we were meant to....and we realize just how much has been hidden from us by a group of less than 1% who sought total power and control of over us... Well they had not forseen the "Great Awakening"...and therein, blinded by egocentricity, lay their downfall... And now We, The People..the World Over...have much to learn because they kept from us all the great strides taken in just about every aspect of energy, health, science and technology....We now find ourselves soaring at the dizzying heights of a perspective infinitum.. Unfettered Access to Knowledge

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