Explaining sa..tien to Dan Bongi

ThankYou Rumble .. Dan Bongino et.al. for heading up my accounts. I can’t wait to see the difference. I”ll know. I believe that what I got hit with in the wee hours of the morning on July 10th, 2016 .. everything exactly the same even the split nano-second disappearance of 1,000s and 1,000s of files and skype calls to Luxembourg and entire systems, folders, files, embedded in my personal photos (which is all I had on there) and if I tried to get a techie on with team viewer .. IF I was “allowed” to land the arrow ON the icon and actually get through .. just as I hear them connecting ..POOFF! .. ALL GONE! I would be left with a pretty much empty computer but for a few personal photos .. and I would be blah blah blah yo the techie .. she/he gets in .. and .. NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, they all think I’m a crack head .. I could always hear them laughing together .. S’Okay .. I knew one day I would find out and they will have missed out on the freakiest, beyond the beyond .. I wouldn’t even call it a hack .. it was way ahead of anything I’d seen or heard of .. did not exist .. and it was not just my computer or hardware or ISP, Modem, Router, eMails (although owned those too .. I captured a file with all my accounts given URLs with the same 7 letter password.. which was a name .. I didNOT do THAT 4 sure! ) because I changed everything many times over over the years .. I am sure he’s still with me. I called it satan .. thinking it was a joke .. I didn’t know how right I was .. It brought me this far here today because I was so intrigued I could not let it go .. I would love some more info on it .. it’s hard to get much I see it is being protected, hidden, as best [they] can in these hard times .. ha!

Published by qwiqsilver.ca

I would like to create a space where people can explore all the brand new opportunities that will be opening up to us once we regain our proper status in this world...and begin to realize that we haven't been living as we were meant to....and we realize just how much has been hidden from us by a group of less than 1% who sought total power and control of over us... Well they had not forseen the "Great Awakening"...and therein, blinded by egocentricity, lay their downfall... And now We, The People..the World Over...have much to learn because they kept from us all the great strides taken in just about every aspect of energy, health, science and technology....We now find ourselves soaring at the dizzying heights of a perspective infinitum.. Unfettered Access to Knowledge

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