Why can’t l connect?? I try and try..im afraid I’m pegasused..even more than before..because I can’t use tetegram have NEVER been allowed on Twitter (tho l have probably 1K . accounts by now)..I have been busting my head TRYING to forward pictures and info of what I am gifted (gifted?) to SEE in HULL, QUÉBEC..I try try try..even if it takes me hours or a day..I am never sure it even gets through.. Field McConnell used to have (abel danger) back in 2016 used to have access to my drive back in 2016. . obviously..I did not get intel back.. So was never really sure..except for 1 time when I sent a picture of the “doll” with his hand stuck up the butt of a porcelien pig…and I wrote “oh..I Lost My Mitt Roman – Eh?” and I got a response “yup” I would give absolute access to absolutely anything..anywhere that I have been on the entire internet..since and before the night of July 10th, 2016 ..when I watched, what at the time I named Satan, but Dan Bongino came closest in all these years in describing Pegasus..this thing can disappear in a nano! leaving you to look like a raving crackhead..and if it is really John McAffee on telegram.- (I hope hope) I have been trying to send pics+info ..I am either stupid or telegram (as twitter-NeVeR allowed) will NOT let me communicate….BUT Mr. McAfee..what I have wanted / tried to say for years..is that then named satan..by me..was hidden in bubble script underneath the McAfee logo? that was my free? anti-virus that came with my Bell Canada package. I literally watched it come out from under, what I thought was my McAfee protection popup box and FORK’N EAT through my registry. my WINSYS 32. my entire computers brain.. BELL FORK’N CANADA is up to something and I believe it includes the prison telephone system..this B.S.3 way call cut off..why does Bell have exolusive to prison? Why do they get the same code when they buy phone time from the FORK’N canteen in Prison? why was the phone card that I bought for my friend..that was NOT BELL

Published by qwiqsilver.ca

I would like to create a space where people can explore all the brand new opportunities that will be opening up to us once we regain our proper status in this world...and begin to realize that we haven't been living as we were meant to....and we realize just how much has been hidden from us by a group of less than 1% who sought total power and control of over us... Well they had not forseen the "Great Awakening"...and therein, blinded by egocentricity, lay their downfall... And now We, The People..the World Over...have much to learn because they kept from us all the great strides taken in just about every aspect of energy, health, science and technology....We now find ourselves soaring at the dizzying heights of a perspective infinitum.. Unfettered Access to Knowledge

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